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News Release
August 14, 2017
AIWSC Board Member Solicitation


The Aleutian Islands Waterways Safety Committee (AIWSC) Convening Workgroup has met four times and is working on finalizing the AIWSC Charter Document.  The AIWSC will consist of a Managing Board, the Waterways Safety Committee, and work groups as needed to carry out their mission. The AIWSC Convening Workgroup is now soliciting resume`s and letters of interest for membership to the AIWSC Managing Board.  Board members should have personal knowledge of maritime operations and stakeholders in the Aleutian region, experience working with non-profit corporations, and a strong desire to build a sustainable organization to promote marine safety in the region.  Board members must be willing and available to attend three to five meeting per year, in person or by teleconference.


Please submit your Letter of Interest and current resume` to for consideration by the AIWSC Convening Workgroup.



Notification of the selections will be made on September 18, 2017.  The first meeting of the AIWSC Managing Board is tentatively planned for October 16, 2017, in Anchorage.  Thanks for your interest in this important committee.

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