The AIWSC Managing Board is now soliciting interested applications to fill the following vacant stakeholder seats:

In order to qualify as a member for seats a-h (Marine Vessel Operations) and p (Marine Pilots) an individual must have maritime expertise as documented by one of the following:

  1. Has held or currently holds a Merchant Officer's credential,

  2. Has held or currently holds a position on a commercial vessel that includes navigational responsibility, or

  3. Has or currently holds a position in a company that operates or an association that represents operators of commercial marine vessels operating in the Aleutian Islands.


Individuals with onboard navigational experience will be given preference.


The member and alternate are charged with broadly representing their stakeholder group’s interests.  In order to provide effective representation, they are expected to communicate between themselves and with other members of their respective stakeholder group.

If you are interested in applying for one of these seats please send a Letter of Interest and Resume to Nuka Research and Planning Group, LLC, PO Box 175, Seldovia, AK 99663 or by email:



  • (l) P&I Clubs

  • (m) Salvage

  • (n) Alaska Native Interest

  • (o)Conservation Organizations

  • (p) Marine Pilots

  • (q) Ships’ Agents

  • (r) Subsistence User

  • (t) At-large

  • (u) Vessel Monitoring and Tracking

  • (a)  At-sea Fish Processors

  • (b) Commercial Fishing

  • (c) Commercial Fishing Vessels < 60 ft

  • (d) Passenger Vessels

  • (e) Cargo Ships

  • (f) Tank Vessels

  • (h) Assist tugs (docking, rescue)

  • (i) Port Director, Harbormaster, Local Government

  • (j) Terminal Operators

  • (k) Oil Spill Response

Adopted 05/01/19 (8.2MB)

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The geographic scope of the Aleutian Islands WSC includes the area encompassed by the boundaries of the Aleutians East Borough and the Aleutians West Coastal Resource Service Area, including adjacent shorelines and waters to the outer boundary of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone as depicted below.

With questions or to express interest in

participating in the process, please contact:

Sara Nichols

(907) 234-7821

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National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

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