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Who is involved?

Representatives of marine industries, fishing and fish processors, communities/ports, marine pilots, local and international shipping, Alaska Natives, and other non-governmental organizations with a stake in marine issues in the region are currently seated on the Committee.  For a more in-depth look at the organizational structure and to get to know the current stakeholder representatives, visit our Organization Framework Page


How is it funded?

With a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation through June, 2019, Nuka Research and Planning Group, LLC has been facilitating the  organizational development and initial AIWSC operations since December, 2020. Longer-term funding alternatives are currently being considered by the Managing Board of Directors, including the possibility of establishing membership dues, not unlike other similar organizations.

The geographic scope of the Aleutian Islands WSC includes the area encompassed by the boundaries of the Aleutians East Borough and the Aleutians West Coastal Resource Service Area, including adjacent shorelines and waters to the outer boundary of the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone as depicted below.

With questions or to express interest in

participating in the process, please contact:

Sara Nichols

(907) 234-7821

Launch of the AIWSC


One of the recommendations at the conclusion of the Aleutian Islands Risk Assessment was to continue to convene a diverse group of waterway users to share information and identify practices to improve navigational safety in the region.


An exploratory meeting was held April 26, 2017 in Dutch Harbor, Alaska with more than 40 participants representing diverse interests in Aleutian Islands area maritime operations. There was broad consensus on the value of establishing an Aleutian Islands Waterway Safety Committee.

The U.S. Coast Guard facilitated a Convening Workgroup which established the organizational structure and selected the founding Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors were seated on October 16, 2017 and is currently seeking volunteers for Committee Seats. 

will be held in early 2018.

Convening Workgroup Participants

Voting Members


David Arzt, Alaska Marine Pilots Association

Mayor Frank Kelty, City of Unalaska

Andrew Mew, Alaska Maritime Agencies

Aaron Poe, Aleutian and Bering Sea Islands LCC

EcEx Officio Members

CDR Justin W. Jacobs, U.S. Coast Guard, Sector Anchorage

LTjg David Parker, U.S. Coast Guard, Sector Anchorage

Geoff Merrell, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation

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