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Aleutian Islands WSC Roster

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Updated 03/04/24

Waterways Safety Plan

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Amended 10/28/19

Aleutian Islands WSC Founding Documents

AIWSC Bylaws


Aleutian Islands Waterways Safety Committee Charter

Last Updated 1/30/18

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Meeting Summaries

Waterways Safety Committee Meeting 05/01/19

AIWSC Managing Board Teleconference 04/25/19

AIWSC Managing Board Teleconference 03/07/19

Waterways Safety Committee Meeting 11/8/18

AIWSC Managing Board Teleconference 10/30/18

AIWSC Managing Board Teleconference 05/16/18

Waterways Safety Committee Meeting 05/01/18

AIWSC Managing Board Meeting 4/16/18

Waterways Safety Committee Meeting 2/28/18

AIWSC Managing Board Meeting 1/30/18

AIWSC Managing Board Meeting 12/04/17

AIWSC Managing Board Meeting 10/16/17

Convening Workgroup Meeting 7/27/17

Convening Workgroup Meeting 6/28/17

Convening Workgroup Meeting 5/16/17

Waterway Safety Committee Informational Meeting 4/26/17

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In The News

News Release: Waterways Safety Plan Adopted 05/01/19

News Release: WSC Update 05/03/18

News Release: AIWSC Managing Board Solicitation 8/14/17

Aleutian Islands Waterways Safety Committee Press Release 5/19/17

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Background Documents

2000 NVIC Circular 1-00 Harbor Safety Commitees

Harbor Safety Committee Desk Reference

Cook Inlet Harbor Safety Plan 2017

Puget Sound Harbor Safety Plan 2014

San Fransisco HSC Plan 2014

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Navigation Advisories

2019-2020 Severe Weather Guidelines

Aleutian Island Risk Assessment Documents

AIRA Phase B Final Program Report


AIRA Summary Report - High Resolution


AIRA Summary Report - Low Resolution


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Spill Prevention and Response Plans

Arctic & Western Alaska Area Plan

Regional Contingency Plan

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