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A Letter from your WSC Chairwoman

I hope all of you have had a fantastic Summer. Many of us are very busy during that time and as a result, there has been little activity on the Aleutian Islands Waterways Safety Committee front. As we move into Fall/Winter, I want to update you on what has transpired since our last meeting and what steps need to be taken, moving forward.

At the last Committee Meeting (May 2018) sub-groups were developed to work on sections of the Waterway Safety Plan (WSP). One of these groups met recently via teleconference and developed language for the Areas To Be Avoided (ATBA) portion of the WSP. WSP Chairwoman, Leslie Pearson is planning on holding similar teleconferences with each of the sub-groups in the coming weeks.

A copy of the sub-group task breakdown that came out of the Committee meeting is posted on the Members Only Committee Page of the website.

A draft of the ATBA language can be viewed on the workgroup (password protected) pages of the website. If you need help with a password, please contact:

With continued activity on the Workgroup level over the next two months, we are hoping to have a draft Plan ready for Committee review by the end of October. The next AIWSC meeting is tentatively planned for the first week of November. This will be an in-person meeting in Anchorage.

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